Please Note:  Due to the last few weeks of heavy rain and wet-wet WEATHER  The Beekeeper's Super Yard Sale

Has now been postponed  until Saturday June 23rd  

If you need some Bee Stuff that is listed below contact me by email: Carolinabeeman@hotmail.com to make arrangements to view and/or purchase your equipment.  I will Check this every morning and reply ( Please leave message on phone as well. I am moving my Bees for Pollination and it is difficult to get phone service and time - Chuck.

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  • The New and Used Bee Stuff Yard Sale in Reidsville has been changed from This Saturday May 26th to the Fourth Saturday of June: June 23, 2018 Due to the Weather over the last two and a half weeks.

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One Eighth Page Ad, Screen:   $  35.00



The Beekeeper's Super Yard Sale

In Reidsville, NC     On Saturday June 23rd    

Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm...


My Stuff From the Honey House

(See Below)

Beekeeping Equipment Now For Sale with Pick up In Reidsville, NC

Vendor Source Item Description Cat. List Price Our Price Qty Available Condition  Notes Pay Now With PayPal Save 10% off Our Price!  

   Model 300- 36 Clarifier with Water Bath Heater    & Float  Switch

   $  1095.00

  $ 1050.00

1 VG-L/N      

   Honey Pump Model # 400-1

   $   850.00

  $   824.00

1 VG/-L/N Has new belt    

440 #  Stainless Steel Honey Tank w / Lid

$   380.00

$   355.00

1 G Sold    

880 # Stainless Steel Honey Tank w / Lid

$   560.00

$   535.00

1 L/N     Seldom Used

880 # Stainless Steel Honey Tank w / Lid

$   560.00

$   515.00

1 VG      

880 # Honey Stand for 880 #.Tank

$     65.00

$    52.00

2 VG      

Two Piece Stainless Steel Strainer with Micro-Filter for 880 # Stainless Steel Honey Tank

$     85.00

$    76.00

1 VG      

Two Piece Stainless Steel Strainer with Micro Filter for 880 # Stainless Steel Honey Tank

$     85.00

$    72.00

1 G      

Uncapping Tank 

$    595.00

$   565.00


Double Sieve

$     46.00

$     34.00




   Vendor Codes for Above:
  BM:     Brushy Mt. Bee Farm

  DAD:   Dadant

  MAX:   Maxant
  MBS:   Miller Bee Supply
  BB:       Better Bee
  ML:      Mann  Lake

 The Carolina Beekeeper's First Super Yard Sale

Saturday June 23, 2018

As I approach 70 in years I am slowing down just a little, from almost 175 colonies to raising and selling a few queens  (~ 20 a month) and selling a little honey. So now I need to sell a lot of the the Deep, Mediums and Shallow Supers that I no longer will need to use and it is also Time to update my usedbeekeeping website.

In Reidsville, NC            Time: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm  Date:  Saturday, June 23, 2018


 Used Hive Bodies Used Honey Supers Survivor Queens New Deep and Honey Supers   Medium and Deep Nucs Unassembled Nucs

Lots of:

New, Used & Unused Assembled and freshly Painted 10-Frame Hive Bodies (Deeps), Medium, and Shallow Supers.

New Unassembled  Select and Commercial Grade Deep, Medium, & Shallow Supers

New Unassembled 5-Frame Medium & Deep Nucs: Select, Commercial, and lower Grades (with knots) available

Limited number of 5-Frame Select Medium Supers

Assembled to order 5-Frame Medium & Deep Nucs Bodies: Select and Commercial Grades

Email: Carolinabeeman@gmail.com for questions and further details. Check back in about a week to 10 days for photos and I will have had more BEE Stuff to add.




Woodenware Prices (pick-up only)

  •  Used Assembled 10-Frame Hive Bodies, Medium and Shallow Supers -  from $7.00 each to $ 16.00 each w/o frames
  •  Used Assembled 5-Frame Medium & 5-Frame Deep Nuc Bodies with screened bottoms and wood tops from $ 8.00 to  $22.00  (no frames).
  •  Used Assembled 5-Frame Medium & 5-Frame Deep Nuc Bodies (without tops or bottoms makes a narrow 10-Frame Nuc Body with above.
  •  New Assembled to order 5-Frame Medium & 5-Frame Deep Nuc Bodies (Select, Commercial and, lower Grades available from $ 7.00 to     $15.00  each.
  •  New Assembled to order 10-Frame Hive Bodies, freshly painted primer: Select Grade: $ 18.00 each;  Commercial Grade: $ 12.00 each
  •  New Assembled to order 10-Frame Hive Bodies, freshly painted primer: Less than Commercial Grade: from $ 8.00 each


  •  New Unassembled 5-Frame Medium nuc bodies from $9.00 to $14.00 each
  •  New Unassembled 5-Frame Deep nuc bodies from $10.00 to $17.00 each
  •  New Assembled Wood Commercial  Tops: $11.00 to $16.00 each
  •  New Assembled Wood Commercial Bottom Boards: $11.00 to $16.00 each


  •  New Unassembled Medium and Shallow 10-Frame Supers - Select and Commercial Grade Pre-order to guarantee availability
  •  New Unassembled 5-Frame Medium & Deep Nucs: Select, Commercial and, lower Grades available
  •  Limited number of Unassembled 8-Frame Select Grade Medium Supers

        Email: The Carolinabeeman@hotmail.com for further details


      Nortons Honey Farm

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Nortons Honey Farm

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Terms: Submit your offer by Email. I will review and reply accordingly. If offer is accepted a Deposit of 10% of  the Sales Price by US Mail with a Certified Cashiers Check drawn on Wells Fargo Bank is required to be mailed upon the acceptance letter sent by Email.

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